Data is like oxygen for digital processes - without it nothing works. This also makes it a
key driver for the performance of virtual product development. Anyone who uses intelligent
data management and smart analysis tools will gain added value from the rapidly growing
volumes of data. We show you how.  

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Holistic approach  

We support you on your way to efficient data analysis in a holistic way: We provide comprehensive advice on the selection and integration of a Simulation Data Management System (SDM) and identify the best solution for the efficient analysis of your data. Our experts will find customized concepts as well as targeted methods and technologies for the smooth operation of these systems.

The profit: You make optimal use of the value of your data.

  • State of the Art: Benefit from the latest technologies, components and methods.

  • Optimal integration: We configure data flows  and transformations, take care of the control of the processes as
    well as process automation and link interfaces (e.g. REST).

  • Tailor-made customizing: We develop connectors for
    company-specific data sources and types, check all
    processes and the quality of the analysis results.

  • Automated rollouts: We install and configure the analysis software and connect visualization systems using DevOps
    for continuous development.

  • System and application management: We take care of administration and patch management, monitoring and error analysis including incident processing and correction. 



CAE applications are the key technology for bringing products to market quickly and cost-effectively. This results in large amounts of simulation data from individual disciplines, which are digitized and fed into computer-aided product data management systems. Professional management increases the availability of this data and thus significantly accelerates simulation processes.  

Customized integration

A fundamental challenge for smart data management is the intelligent administration of information. 
Our SDM solutions therefore integrate smoothly into existing system landscapes. 
Because only intelligently connected data helps to make better business decisions and develop new business models.


Digitalization is causing data volumes to grow rapidly. The transformation of data from virtual product development, AI applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) are essential for companies. The complex relationships between data can hardly be captured with conventional analysis methods. The challenge is to develop an IT infrastructure that automatically analyzes the newly generated data and compares it with the existing database. 

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Early identification
of terminations

Smart use of data analytics and AI algorithms in simulation processes shows early termination criteria. Users receive reports on conspicuous results or important monitoring values. This saves time and resources in cost-intensive engineering processes.

Odoo – Beispiel 2 für drei Spalten

Decision Making

Multifunctional analysis systems also include software tools that apply the essential procedures of data analysis. Thus, clever analysis methods turn simple data into actionable insights that contribute to the targeted optimization of company results. 

360° Data Analytics

GNS Systems supports you holistically in your data management.
We advise, develop or take over the entire process. 

Mastering the challenges
of digital transformation     

The increasing complexity of calculations, IT processes and infrastructures is already being
met by many companies with smart data management. Customized analytics and automation solutions transform the mass of data into meaningful and usable information.

Automated job workflows

With JGen engineers create the jobs of CAE applications easy and fast. The tool allows a flexible adaptation of jobs to the individual workflow and reduces the effort in job creation considerably with clever functions. 

Learn more about our HPC job orchestration tool JGen.

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Highest reliability in one tool  

  • Increases the reproducibility of the calculation results.
  • Detects errors via automatic checking and reduces job aborts
  • Localizes and corrects errors quickly and easily.
  • Helps to use compute and support resources much more efficiently.
  • The user-friendly interface supports the organization of applications, batch systems and parameters.

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