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You want to make your virtual product development future-proof?
this purpose CAx engineers need two things: maximum speed and
minimum latency. HPC plus Cloud is the ideal and sustainable solution
- for all complex, simulation-intensive workloads. 

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Virtual product development
at the highest level

With the combination of cloud computing and high performance computing (HPC), companies drive their virtual product development, but remain technically flexible and minimise investment. We anchor your HPC applications for computer-aided engineering (CAE) in the cloud in an uncomplicated and demand-oriented manner. 

  • Clever concepts: Independent consulting, planning and operation of cloud, hybrid and on-premises HPC clusters
  • Fast Migration: We move your data centre into the Cloud quickly and easily
  • Convenient operation: Outsourcing of operations to GNS Systems or integration into existing IT structures
  • On request: Reselling of HPC resources to the cloud

Analyzing instead of waiting

GNS Systems offers engineers and developers stable access to HPC systems in the cloud. No matter whether a single supercomputer or a distributed cluster for GPU-intensive tasks in the cloud solves your tasks - HPC applications often require large bandwidths, comprehensive network capacities and stable computing power. We build on existing infrastructures and support for example Infiniband (classic low latency interconnect in the HPC environment) or integrated VPN connections.

Our goal: You solve complex problems with simulations on-demand, with high speed and minimal latencies.

Simply use HPC

 AI, Machine Learning and Big Data have one thing in common - they generate huge data volumes. This increases the demand for enormous computing power with low error tolerances in companies. Classical workstations and servers are quickly overtaxed. HPC solutions support complex analyses and simulations and are characterised by almost unlimited computing capacities. Take advantage of the comprehensive power of HPC systems with the support of our experts - without having to struggle with complexity.

Get the most out of your HPC workflows and benefit from excellent tuning of your HPC infrastructures. With Hybrid HPC you find the right balance between on-premise and the cloud. Our tailored concepts for HPC clusters and CAE environments ensure processes that are fully optimized, smooth and fast - for every CAE workflow for years to come.

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Understanding complexity

Technologies from HPC and cloud computing are growing closer together. This increases complexity and CAE engineers must efficiently process enormous amounts of data in heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Engineers achieve solid findings from simulations by extending the data with analysis and machine learning tools.

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 Using competitive advantages

Scalable, demand-driven infrastructures are the best basis for efficient high performance computing. All kinds of industries therefore rely on HPC clusters and technologies such as GPU. Faster product development, shorter time-to-market and higher product quality are not dreams of the future with a perfectly configured HPC environment in the cloud.

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Lifting CAE workloads

Simulation tasks require powerful computing resources. In the Cloud engineers run their workloads for compute-intensive simulations with maximum scalability and cost efficiency Our smart solutions and powerful services significantly reduce simulation throughput times - for all requirements of modern product development. 

Our expertise for your projects

The range of our services around High Performance Computing is enormous. Benefit from our know-how, which ranges from robust on-premise clusters and cloud services to container clusters with cubernet connections.

Digital Engineering Center

Making infrastructures available in the cloud in an agile manner is essential for the virtual product development is essential. Our Digital Engineering Center offers engineers a tailor-made development environment for CPU-intensive tasks in simulation and analysis. The Digital Engineering Center is your access to high-end CAE workstations in the cloud.

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Your CAE Workplace in the Cloud

  • Access to unlimited computing capacity for all Workloads
  • Rapidly available resources boost productivity for Teams worldwide
  • Meeting the requirements of Simulation-driven Design
  • Shorter design cycles, faster time to market
  • Managed Services ensure operation, maintenance and continuous integration

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