What are fasciae?

Fasciae are the soft tissue structures of connective tissue. They envelop every muscle and organ and serve to support the tissue, guide tendons, fill empty spaces and act as a buffer. Fasciae are omnipresent and run like a web through the entire body.

Why do complaints occur?

The main factor leading to discomfort is a lack of movement or movement on one side. This results in reduced blood flow to the muscle and connective tissue. and connective tissue. Fasciae need H2O and especially hyaluronic acid. This is synthesised in our cells within the plasma membrane.

What can I do?

In addition to sufficient exercise and a varied diet, it is important to drink enough. When I have acute complaints, heat and a massage help. Since it is difficult to massage yourself, a fascia ball helps to solve exactly this problem.

Fascia Ball Exercises

Exercises for the head:

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Temporal muscle massage

Place the ball on the side of the head and massage the temple with slow circular movements.

90 seconds per side

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Nack massage

Place the ball between your neck and a wall. Now move your head in slow movements from the back of your neck to the back of your head. 

60 seconds

Exercises for the upper body:

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Breast massage

Sit upright and place the ball on your chest muscle. With slow small circular movements, move the ball over the muscles. 

For women, be careful to leave out the area of the mammary glands.

60 seconds per side

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Shoulder massage

Lie down. Place the ball under your shoulder and put your legs up. Slowly move your upper body back and forth to massage the shoulder.

60 seconds per side

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Massage of the
intercostal muscles

Place the ball on the intercostal muscles and slowly roll from the inside to the outside and back again.

60 seconds per side

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Forearm massage

Sit comfortably and rest your bent arm on your thigh. Take the ball and press it onto your forearm. Slowly move the ball in circular movements over your forearm.

60 seconds per side

Exercises for the lower body:

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Thigh-back massage

Sit on a chair. Clamp the ball directly in front of the ischial tuberosity. Roll out the origins of the thighs.

60 seconds per side

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Massage of the sole of the foot

Place the ball under the sole of your foot while standing or sitting. Slowly roll back and forth.

60 seconds per side