View through the license jungle

Spending on business software has been growing continuously for years. In order to avoid unnecessary additional expenditure, companies are striving to purchase and use licenses in the most demand-optimized way possible. The more applications and employees are active in the company, the more confusing the license requirements become. Often it is not clear how many licenses different employees use at the same time or which departments need licenses at all.

Are additional licenses required or can their number be reduced? Which models make the most sense: floating or single user licenses? The intelligent tool lEYEcense from GNS Systems addresses these questions. Historical and real-time data allow a detailed analysis to determine the actual demand. In an attractive web interface, dashboards create transparency and facilitate monitoring and management of the licences.

Services from lEYEcense at a glance

Modules for easy management

lEYEcense is based on a modular and expandable system architecture. It comprises three main modules: Analyzer, Observer and Operator. The Analyzer visualizes the usage history. The Operator section allows various configurations for license services. The Observer module delivers license data in real time.

Differentiated analysis

The snapshot-based monitoring of lEYEcense shows the current license utilization and allows a differentiated analysis for individual license features, services, locations or departments. Various dashboards and reports document the license requirements.

Low requirements, maximum performance

To create synergies, lEYEcense supports various license management systems such as BetaLM, DSLS and FlexNet. lEYEcense includes an interactive web interface for all common browsers.

Privacy Made in Germany

lEYEcense takes into account the requirements of the EU basic data protection regulation. It also contains various security features, such as a manageable rights and roles concept.

Optimized license usage

The system shows licenses that have become free or an unusually long period of use, for example if a user inadvertently runs the application without using it. In this way, licenses can be made available to other users more quickly. lEYEcense provides an overview of feature expiration dates and thus simplifies, for example, deadline management.

Your advantages with lEYEcense

  • Increased transparency
  • Reduced costs
  • Optimized processes
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Detailed needs analyses

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