Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Product development and engineering requires powerful and reliable workstation and server systems. GNS Systems supports you in managing systems infrastructures for design, analysis, and visualisation. The operating systems generally deployed in this application area are Linux and Windows.


Operating system

For operating system installations and configurations, we create automated processes that enable complete or partial installations via network from a central location. Individual installation packages can be combined to any installation modules. An installation infrastructure can be configured by including administrative information so that installation statuses can be queried or automatically restored at any time. We manage user, group, netgroup and host information centrally using NIS, DNS and Windows domain concepts.


As part of the system operation we plan and configure components for data backup and archiving. Here, the extensive data volumes generated by simulation processes, for example, must be taken into particular account. The use of hierarchical storage management systems offers a cost-effective way to keep such data sets directly accessible. For work environments which require the use of complex design or analysis applications as well as office communication software is, we plan and implement solutions for the integration of Linux and Windows systems, e.g. based on Samba or VMware.


An essential part of our range of tasks is the installation and configuration of application software for design, calculation and visualization. Here we guarantee in particular the availability of different versions and, if necessary, the coupling of different applications due to a work process. In order to enable the continuous use of all applications, we operate fail-safe license server mechanisms.

For the execution of particularly resource-intensive applications on local workstation system groups, we develop separate work environments. Such work environments are based on a distributed resource management system such as Grid Engine, LSF or PBS and also consist of specific user interfaces and job control programs.

IT Services


High Performance Computing

For extreme computing and data intensive applications.

Cloud Computing

Build and operate HPC clusters in the cloud - simply and reliably.

Simulation Data Management

Selection, integration, operation and further development of SDM systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Requirement management and proof of concepts of tailor-made solutions.

Deep Learning & AI

Effective data analysis, models and architectures for AI.

Digital Engineering Workplace

Advanced technologies and computing power for engineering workloads.

Software Engineering

Planning and development of customer-specific software.

Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Management of system infrastructures.