Software Engineering

The support of processes in the development of complex products is an important part of the services of GNS Systems. The foremost premise here is to promote the provision of services by means of speed and flexibility in a sustainable and future-oriented manner. In this context, software development represents the most important link in the value creation between the actual state and innovation. With the help of state-of-the-art methods, reliable technologies and innovative approaches, the experts at GNS Systems develop tailor-made solutions in engineering.



Planning and implementing IT projects over a longer period of time is no longer practical for most companies. Market and customer requirements for product development change too quickly. This requires ever faster performance leaps in software development, accelerated digital rapid prototyping and, last but not least, a rethinking of the entire workflow. Agility is developing into a key competence for implementing software in increasingly complex IT infrastructures quickly and efficiently.

Appropriate approaches and methods (e.g. SCRUM) must not only be known theoretically, but also actively lived. In addition, an understanding of a lean approach (LEAN) and rapid decision making must go hand in hand with the appropriate mindset. The goal: to evaluate solutions in a lightweight manner and to effectively drive important decisions forward. In addition to this actual process, quality in software development is also becoming a decisive value in order to implement solutions quickly and successfully. Proven approaches, such as TDD, CI/CD or DevOps, lead to comprehensibly robust and maintainable solutions.


The increasing complexity and the associated adequate choice of technology increasingly present IT projects with new challenges. The choice of programming languages and frameworks often sets the course for future development. At the same time, the services used (e.g. NoSQL databases, build servers) and environments (e.g. container, IaC, cloud) significantly support deployment and scalability. Appropriate interfaces (e.g. REST) offer a uniform and standardized access to the software. The interaction with users supports a barrier-free connection (e.g. web app) as well as intuitive usability (e.g. Laws of UX).


The key to success for IT projects often lies in the degree of innovation of the project. To break new ground for this is inevitable. Many innovative solutions can be implemented through an appropriate approach (for example DDD) or the use of new technologies (for example ML). The basic prerequisite in any case is an open attitude and a maximum understanding of the problem.

GNS Systems starts with its services exactly at this point and provides experienced requirements managers, agile project coordinators and trained experts from different areas of engineering.


IT Services


High Performance Computing

For extreme computing and data intensive applications.

Cloud Computing

Build and operate HPC clusters in the cloud - simply and reliably.

Simulation Data Management

Selection, integration, operation and further development of SDM systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Requirement management and proof of concepts of tailor-made solutions.

Deep Learning & AI

Effective data analysis, models and architectures for AI.

Digital Engineering Workplace

Advanced technologies and computing power for engineering workloads.

Software Engineering

Planning and development of customer-specific software.

Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Management of system infrastructures.