High Performance Computing

Complex compute and file server systems are used for extremely computationally and data-intensive application areas such as virtual product development. GNS Systems supports you in planning, configuring and operating these systems and the simulation data management based on them. We implement all this both on-premises and in the cloud.


Planning and Operation

During system planning, a concrete system configuration is determined based on user requirements and the properties of the application software to be used. Within the framework/As a part of systems administration, we use tools and procedures such as container technologies, monitoring concepts and automated configuration management. In this way we guarantee reliable and flexible systems operation.

Application infrastructures

As a basis for the use of simulation applications, we install and configure distributed resource management systems such as Grid Engine, LSF or PBS. We ensure the cost- and runtime-optimized operation of technical applications - especially when it comes to the requirements of massively parallel systems.

As a further part of the application infrastructure, we develop both graphical user interfaces for the preparation and monitoring of individual calculation processes and the corresponding platform-specific job control mechanisms. The processes can be simple calculations as well as complex AI and optimization workflows.

IT Services


High Performance Computing

For extreme computing and data intensive applications.

Cloud Computing

Build and operate HPC clusters in the cloud - simply and reliably.

Simulation Data Management

Selection, integration, operation and further development of SDM systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Requirement management and proof of concepts of tailor-made solutions.

Deep Learning & AI

Effective data analysis, models and architectures for AI.

Digital Engineering Workplace

Advanced technologies and computing power for engineering workloads.

Software Engineering

Planning and development of customer-specific software.

Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Management of system infrastructures.