Smart Data Management & Analytics

The data volume in companies is growing rapidly. Efficient data management and target-oriented data analytics are becoming important key competencies. In a data-driven world, they are the basis for optimized processes, innovative product developments and sustainable business models. Together with you, GNS Systems determines concrete use cases and tailor-made service packages.


Identify requirements unerringly

Used correctly, data management and data analytics open up central advantages in digital engineering. Comprehensive requirements management forms the basis for identifying strategic and operational goals of data analyses. GNS Systems also considers organisational and technical conditions of the infrastructure, the system landscape and applicable policies. This results in a comprehensive documentation of the requirements and, based on this, tailor-made solutions.

Proof of concept guarantees success

For successful data management and data analytics, an easily accessible and usable database is essential. The quality, content and format of the data are important criteria for this. GNS Systems checks the database and evaluates the possibilities of transformation and analysis. Within the framework of a Proof of Concepts (PoC), GNS Systems implements a prototype, shows the feasibility of the project and provides indicators for the implementation period. The PoC also provides information about the required performance of the IT infrastructure. You receive a transparent roadmap with concrete time and financial guidelines.

Service Competence for Data Analytics

  • Best technology: Benchmark of existing technologies, selection of components and methods
  • Complete integration: installation and configuration of the analysis software, connection of visualization systems
  • System and application management: administration and patch management, monitoring and error analysis
  • Tailored service: configuration of data flows and transformations and control of these processes, process automation, coupling of interfaces (e.g. REST)
  • Software development and testing: Development of connectors for company-specific data sources and special data types, execution of tests to verify the processes and the quality of the results of the analyses

Customized IT services

GNS Systems identifies solutions for your data analyses. Based on years of experience in data management, GNS Systems evaluates suitable technologies and software for their performance, quality of the result data and compliance conformity. We do not only consider


IT Services


High Performance Computing

For extreme computing and data intensive applications.

Cloud Computing

Build and operate HPC clusters in the cloud - simply and reliably.

Simulation Data Management

Selection, integration, operation and further development of SDM systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Requirement management and proof of concepts of tailor-made solutions.

Deep Learning & AI

Effective data analysis, models and architectures for AI.

Digital Engineering Workplace

Advanced technologies and computing power for engineering workloads.

Software Engineering

Planning and development of customer-specific software.

Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Management of system infrastructures.