IT Services

GNS Systems provides innovative IT services for product development and engineering. We offer high-performance services and solutions for high-performance computing, simulation data management, data analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence. To this end, we implement and operate complex systems and application infrastructures on premise or in the cloud as required.


High Performance Computing

We plan, configure and operate compute and file server systems for extremely computation- and data-intensive applications such as technical calculations. This also includes the development of application infrastructures integrating distributed resource management systems, parallelization libraries, job control programs and corresponding user interfaces. We are specialists for the administration and integration of Linux and Windows cluster systems.

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Cloud Computing

Driving digital engineering forward, while remaining flexible and minimizing investments: Cloud computing and HPC are the ideal combination to meet these demands. GNS Systems is paving the way for anchoring Computer-Aided-Engineering applications (CAE) individually and uncomplicatedly in the cloud.

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Simulation Data Management

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) generates ever larger amounts of simulation and process data. A system for Simulation Data Management (SDM) helps to manage this data. GNS Systems advises on selection and integration and guarantees smooth operation. This way, you make the most of the value of your data.

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Data Management & Analytics

The data volume in companies is growing rapidly. Efficient data management and target-oriented data analytics are becoming important key competencies. In a data-driven world, they are the basis for optimized processes, innovative product developments and sustainable business models. Together with you, GNS Systems determines concrete use cases and tailor-made service packages.

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Deep Learning & AI

Artificial Intelligence improves processes, optimizes the use of resources and allows forecasts. GNS Systems develops innovative models for deep learning and AI for your engineering workloads. To this end, we build and operate the appropriate system and infrastructure landscape.

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Digital Engineering Workplace

Everything that engineers and designers need bundled in one place: The Digital Engineering Workplace provides a modern virtual working environment with powerful computing power. Use the state-of-the-art technologies of the Digital Engineering Workplace from GNS Systems flexibly according to your requirements.

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Software Engineering

GNS Systems develops optimised software for technical applications according to your specific requirements. Such software systems include integration platforms for linking individual software systems, automated engineering processes and infrastructures for concurrent engineering.

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Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Whether Unix, Linux or Windows. GNS Systems offers you all services for the management of your workstation and server systems for construction and calculation, from planning and configuration to operation. We administer large, heterogeneous Linux and Windows system environments. The administration includes operating system installation and configuration, application integration, data backup and user consulting.

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